Some January Things

Hellooo, friends.  It’s been almost three months since I’ve written a blog post.  There are so many reasons for this, but it mostly comes down to this….I’ve been hibernating. You know, carrying a blanket around the house all day, cooking soup nearly every evening, lighting candles in every room, carrying around mugs of hot coffee or tea, reading all the books, and well…being a hermit, mostly.  The other reason is blasted Downton Abbey.  You guys. I got the five season box set for Christmas and not only have I finished all of that, but I’m also halfway through the sixth season, which landed sweetly in my mailbox on Tuesday afternoon.  This is why I cannot watch shows.  Or have Netflix.  Or succumb to any sort of fiction book.  Because any shred of self-discipline flies away and doesn’t return until the finale.  (Side note: if you know my husband, don’t ever let him convince you that he doesn’t like Downton Abbey..because he will try..but every night when the boys go to sleep he says, “Are we going to watch Downton Abbey now?!” Read with all the excitement of a boy waiting for Santa.)

In between hibernating and Downton, I’ve had all sorts of random January thoughts.  This is the month that I dread; the one that most people await, for all of its newness and diets and snow.  However, this year I got on board with the “yay January!” train, as I made goals, did yoga, and ate Whole30 foods.  This excitement lasted all of ten days, and then I remembered why I loathe January….I got a cold that passed onto every member in our home, and will.not.go.away.  We get well for a couple of days and then it comes back with all of its January vengeance.

On a more positive note, these are my favorite January things:

  1. This article: “Why we should all embrace the Danish art of ‘hygge’- living cosily”    A friend sent it to me last week and it made me feel so….normal.  Well, at least I would be normal in Denmark, anyway.  I do this thing where I want every experience to bring some aspect of coziness- whether it’s wrapping a warm scarf around my neck, or drinking a hot coffee out of a pretty mug..I plan “cozy” into nearly all elements of my day.  Hygge= “the absence of anything annoying or emotionally overwhelming; taking pleasure from the presence of gentle, soothing things”.

    Hygge is a new library book + coffee + a quilt on the patio. Swoon.
  2. Yoga with Adriene. You’re welcome.  That is all. yoga pic
  3. This book: Simply Tuesday. The subtitle is “Small-Moment Living in a Fast-Moving World”.  Ahhh, such a refreshing thought.  The WHOLE book is like a drink for your parched and busy soul. IMG_0530
  4. Decorating and undecorating..over and over. Why?  Because it’s January.  Time for fresh subtleties that make your eyes happy.  Yesterday I found a copper watering can at a thrift shop for $2…the kind of thing that my frugal decorating dreams are made of. IMG_0532
  5. Old lady hobbies.  The winter months are begging for more yarn, knitting needles, and embroidery hoops. Don’t be intimidated by your inner ‘old lady’.  She wants to help you survive the winter with crafty little doodads.

    I totally copied my friend. I was coveting the embroidery hoop + quote she had hanging on her wall, so I made one of my own so that I wasn’t tempted to steal hers.
  6.  This little brothy/soupy concoction I made last night to help our winter colds vanish.  Just chop any and all veggies you have, sauté in olive oil with lots of garlic, lots of turmeric, parsley, salt and pepper.  Be generous with the garlic and turmeric; they are good for boosting your immune system.  After the veggies are tender, place in a bowl and pour steamy broth over them.  I made homemade broth, but store-bought would work, too. IMG_0508

Happy 2016, friends!! I am aiming to write more consistently…but first I have to finish Downton Abbey.

Peace and joy to you.





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