Our HGTV Adventure~ Part 2

Well folks, we are all done filming for Property Virgins, annnnnd we have a house under contract!! Happy dance.

Though I still can’t expose all of the secrets of the show to the telling world of social media, I CAN give you a rundown on the highlights. I’ll keep it short since I’m assuming you’re already done reading and have skipped straightaway to scrolling through photos. πŸ˜‰

We had a great time filming (except for day 1 at the park, where we sweated profusely for 3 hours), but overall, it was pretty fun. And weird. And boring. All at once.

This is a weird way to spend a day, eh? I’m pretty sure that the result of trying to answer questions to a camera, while having a bright, white flappy thing under your face, is going to be pure idiocy. I am hoping to still have a few friends after the show airs…you may change our friendship status after watching my foolery. I’m serious.
On the left: Egypt, who was our TV real estate agent. She really offered a lot of valuable insight and wisdom to our search. On the right: Jessica McVey, who was our “real life” real estate agent. She has been an amazing asset to our house hunt and has done tons of “behind the scenes” work (correction: she has done ALL of the work). I even get to call her a friend. Bonus.

People. Look at this house. I can’t handle its cuteness. We might be living here in two months. Whaaat. I say “might” because we are in the very first stages and anything could happen. However, Matt and I feel confident that God has the perfect house for our little family, whether it ends up being this one…or not. Because He’s good like that.

Can I tell you a secret? (Because it won’t be a secret after the show airs anyway.) It was only $129,000. Yep. Charlotte is da bomb diggity.
Stop it. This is just absurdly cute. There is a chandelier over the kitchen sink. Precious.

My favorite moments:

(1.) Filming at our friends’ home because our landlord wouldn’t sign the release forms (thanks, Carlie & Tony!!). Sooo, anytime we are in “our” home, you will know that we are NOT in our home.

(2.) While filming a driving scene, Egypt backed into a tree. Hard. She shouted a not-so-lovely word that began with F about eight times, and then we couldn’t talk because we were laughing so hard.

(3.) When the quiet, Scottish camera guy looked at us and whispered, “it’s hot like balls in this house”….because the word “balls” makes me laugh in any and every context.

(4.) We got a very exciting gift at the end of the show, which will pay for bunk beds (for the boys, not us), as well as other miscellaneous house things that we will need. Score.

The show will actually air sometime in February rather than April. I will probably not let you know when, just so that I can maintain a few friendships. πŸ˜‰ I WILL update you on the status of our house progress, whether everything goes smoothly and we close on this one, OR if we have to find a different one. Either way, we are ecstatic to be so close to purchasing our first home!!!



  1. Please let us know when it airs. Some of us are not cable subscribers and need to know when we can go hunt down the episode online. πŸ™‚

  2. From one house hunter to another………… I might be a little jealous. Because that’s like exactly what I want, for that price. Gosh. Maybe we should move to Charlottle too! Haha. No really. What? πŸ˜‰ Almost considering applying to a HGTV show now…… CUTE house. Hope it goes though! xo

    1. You SHOULD move to Charlotte!!! πŸ˜€ That would make me so happy. It WAS a great find…but, it wasn’t the tv show that made it happen. If you don’t watch that show, email me and I will tell you how it all works. Otherwise, it will ruin it for ya. However, it was super fun and you should apply to a show anyway! Thank you and I know you guys will find a great house, too!!

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